Waste Collection Areas

Design and Installation of Waste Collection Areas

S.A.M.E. designs and creates, according to specific skills, functional and equipped waste collection areas and is engaged in research and environmental awareness.

Waste collection areas are designed for the disposal of municipal waste permitting the elimination of street bins.

 Since they are "retractable" units, environmental impact and bad smells are minimized.

 Waste collection areas are aimed at recovering, recycling or disposing correctly the materials which can be reused.

The underground waste collection area is an innovative, technologically advanced system which allows placing underground containers for the collection of MUNICIPAL SOLID/SIMILAR/SEPARATE waste of different technologies and volumes, improving the quality of the environment.
It is composed of 4 lines of retractable systems, which use both containers with variable capacity from 660 to 3200 litres and single or double roll-off compactors with variable capacity from 2 to 20 cubic metres.  

The several typologies and configurations of underground and retractable waste collection units allow the underground positioning of containers and roll-off compactors.

They can be installed in many urban areas and adapted to the needs and requirements of sites which have been rearranged according to the containers already in use by eliminating their overall dimensions.     
Thanks to an accurate construction methodology, our waste collection units fit their setting as street furniture by avoiding the unsightly, deleterious and negative environmental impact created by garbage bins and minimizing the harmful effects caused by waste on the environment.

In their normal idle position, in fact, only the turrets for waste collection are visible and therefore become part of the site as street furniture.
Specific transportation methods enable our systems to adapt to the various waste collection procedures used today, including the traditional ones, those performed with the help of operators, with side loading and vehicles for roll-off compactors. 


Thanks to their ease of use and access, they represent a valid support to every recovery and protection plan of the territory, with no architectural barriers for elderly and disabled people.


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