Products & Services

S.A.M.E. - Soluzioni in movimento is a leading company specializing in the design, creation and installation of products to transport passengers and move vehicles and goods easily and safely. S.A.M.E. operates both nationally and internationally and is based in Pregnana Milanese (province of Milan). 


In particular S.A.M.E. is specialized in the production and installation of:

- Automated parking systems

- Escalators

- Travelators

- Waste collection areas

- Lifts

- Hoists

- Lifting Platforms

- Magic park

- Parking equipment


 We offer a wide range of services. We guarantee: technical and commercial consultancy, customized design, after-sales service, 24h availability, operational management of turnkey systems and services. We provide our customers in Italy and abroad with high operational flexibility, customized and optimized installations by combining customers' needs with the most advanced technologies and users' satisfaction.

We stand out for our constant technological research aimed at the automation of all products and our ability to deal properly with customers' requests and issues, providing rapid targeted responses. 

Our strengths are:

Research and innovation: continuous commitment in the development of our know-how and search for new areas of application

Reliability: solidly based on 30 years of experience in this field and innovation

Safety: constant attention and care of all aspects related to safety

Assistance: 24/7 - rapidity, competence and courtesy

Commercial and technical consultancy: comprehensive service; customized and flexible solutions and support during all project phases

Human resources: know-how, training and professionalism


 For further information or to request a quoteplease contact us by filling out the form or by calling us at 800.642063