Automated Parking Systems

Installation of automated parking systems

S.A.M.E. has also a team of engineers and technicians specialized in the design and installation of any type of system for the automated parking of vehicles.

Our rapid, reliable and completely automated parking systems allow minimizing spaces and costs of installation and management of parking places.  

 We always propose the ideal solution to our customers: after a careful inspection of the area in which to install our automated system and a detailed analysis of the customer's needs, our technicians will know how to design a tailor-made automated parking system. 

 Ask for the design of a customized automated parking system: call us at our toll-free number 800.642063 or fill in the quotation form.


Why using automated parking systems?

Because by installing an automated parking system parking spaces and times are fully optimized. 
 S.A.M.E. stands out for the creation of multiple solutions for automated parking systems, 
which are purposely designed according to the customer's needs. 
Typologies range from elevation to underground parking systems of small, medium and very 
large size, lifting systems for residential use and those with special requirements of vertical traffic.

For further information or to request a quote, call us at 800.642063 or fill in the form.