S.A.M.E. car parks: installation of automated parking systems and much more

S.A.M.E. is an innovative and dynamic company specialized in the manufacture of a complete range of products for people transportation and vehicle and goods handling.

 Research, innovation and a strong ability to anticipate the market needs by developing its own know-how and identifying new areas of application are the elements that characterize the company's growth.

S.A.M.E. was established in 1974 with a major specialization in the lift industry and which, over the years, has been extended to the field of automated parking systems  and waste collection areas. The company is today a real leader on the market, thanks to its experience gained during over 40 years of activity and research, know-how and ability to always find the best answers to its customers' demands.

 S.A.M.E.'s role in the implementation of your system consists in: consultancy, design, production, installation and after-sales service aimed at offering customers in Italy and abroad high operational flexibility, customized and optimized installations by combining customers' needs with the most advanced technologies and users' satisfaction.

S.A.M.E. provides its customers with a dedicated service in which each model is designed and manufactured with great attention to detail: the final result is a comfortable and safe product which fits harmoniously the surrounding environment.

Professionalism, versatility and project customization, combined with advanced technologies and compliance with environmental and safety systems, are the essential components of our corporate philosophy.


Research and Training

We pay particular attention to research and development of new technologies for vertical and horizontal automated systems.

 S.A.M.E. is attentive to all technological innovations present on world markets and employs only certified and tested materials.

All installations are compatible with their previous versions and all S.A.M.E. systems can be renovated without upsetting the primary project.

Our staff provides the utmost expertise and professionalism to ensure maximum customer satisfaction; in addition, we train and keep up-to-date our human resources within the lift industry specialization. 



S.A.M.E. customer service and quality

Our customer service is ensured through a widespread assistance network, which is one of S.A.M.E. most important strengths. Wherever our systems are located, we are able to send experts in mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology, who are constantly updated and competent.

All our installations are considered as individual cases in which our engineers analyze, study and suggest precise answers to each customer's need.  

All systems, created according to customers' specific requirements, comply with the regulations in force of the countries in which they are installed.



Our services

Company specialized in the design, creation and installation of products aimed to transport people and move vehicles and goods easily and safely.

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Automated parking systems

Installation of automated parking systems that allow minimizing spaces and costs of installation and management of parking areas. 

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